Boulevard Cup 2010

Boulevard Cup 2010
Jacob Killn' the Old Guys

Monday, October 18, 2010

Quinton's Cross and the Boulevard Cup, a weekend of racing...

Slimen Teammate and Race Promoter Jeff Unruh showcased Topeka cyclocross in fine fashion with a great course and 'pro' set-up at Quinton Elementary in Topeka, KS on Saturday.  Too bad most of our local cx racers chose to skip this one.  The course set-up made Sundays race at WYCO Park look like a cow pasture in comparison.  Well done Jeff.  A lot of folks missed a chance to race a great set-up on Saturday....Just this guys opinion(this guy being a well know 'A'-Hole).  Maybe Jeff and other cx course designers(Mr. Hog) will continue to push others to set up our their race courses with as much pride as they put into theirs.  Because Jeff continues to tweek , improve, and grow as a course designer.  Thanks Jeff, for helping make cx in the midwest what it is.

Results to the weekends action follow.  The Slimen crew was well represented.  Jacob, Jesse, Jeff, David, Joe, Michael, Matt, Myself and a brief but disappointing appearence by Ty, all wore the Slimen black with pride over the weekend.  The links are here> Boulevard Cup results and Quinton's Cross results.

Anyhow, here are some photos of both of this past weekends races.  Thanks to both promoters for a fine weekend of racing and revelry(i truly mean that).  From the photos, you can note the great tape job and total 'pro' looking course that Mr. Unruh and his vounteer(s) set up for us at Saturday's race.

Photos courtesy of Heather Taylor.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Boss Cross #2 Riverside, MO 10/02/10

pics courtesy of Heather Taylor

The SlimenUndGrossen boys throwin' it down!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Manion's Cx in Kansas City KS

Photos courtesy of Joe Houston
Manion's Cx race was held on the side of a large painful hill...Great event!